Science Lectures and Events at Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle
Event Type Exhibits, Collections & Lectures
Starting Date May 30, 2023
Ending Date June 27, 2023
Location Town Hall Seattle
Neighborhood First Hill
CostPrices vary per event - see individual event pages

Town Hall’s Science series is dedicated to understanding the world around us. Whether you’re hearing from a legendary physicist or a UW graduate student, the Science series explores math, biology, chemistry, the environment and so much more. Tickets for most Town Hall-produced events are offered on a sliding scale starting at $5, and ages 22 and under are admitted for free.

Upcoming events:

  • Presence within Absence – Connections with the Deceased – May 30
    Thanatologist Dr. Jennifer R Levin provides insight into the many ways we continue to feel the presence of people significant to us once they’ve passed.
  • The Story of Bone Marrow Transplants – June 7
    Physician and cancer researcher Dr. Fred Appelbaum explores the story of Dr. E. Donnall Thomas, a determined medical student — then physician — who persisted through the doubt of his peers to impact modern medicine.
  • Search for a Giant Squid – June 11
    In a new ocean-themed kids’ book by brother-sister duo Amy Seto Forrester and Andy Chou Musser, Search for a Giant Squid: Pick Your Path, readers get to assume the role of this special scientist.
  • The Complicated History of Nursing – June 11
    Authors Sarah DiGregorio and Angela Garbes discuss the vitality of nurses to human existence and the complicated presence of nursing in history and the future.
  • The Ecstasy of Potential – June 13
    Science journalist Rachel Nuwer will discuss how the psychedelic drug MDMA has emerged from the shadows to the forefront of a medical revolution.
  • Can Data Stop Disease? – June 16
    World-renowned scientist Dr. Leroy Hood and CEO of Thorne HeathTech Dr. Nathan Price make the case for highly personalized, data-driven healthcare over a reactive, symptom-driven approach to medicine.
  • The History of Water – June 22
    Water expert Peter Gleick sheds light on water’s long history and how it has touched all parts of human life.
  • Climate Justice: Past, Present, and Future – June 27
    Professor Stephen M. Gardiner explores how the decisions of the past will affect our future as the current climate crisis grows.