Civics Lectures and Discussions at Town Hall Seattle

Town Hall Seattle
Event Type Exhibits, Collections & Lectures
Starting Date March 3, 2024
Ending Date April 2, 2024
Location Town Hall Seattle
Neighborhood First Hill
CostPrices vary per event - see individual event pages

Town Hall’s Civics series highlights everything from local policies to world politics. These events offer perspectives on a range of topics as diverse as Seattle itself—a bustling forum for activism, discovery and thought-provoking discussion. Tickets for most Town Hall-produced events are offered on a sliding scale starting at $5, and ages 22 and under are admitted for free.

Upcoming events:

  • In Search of Truth – March 3
    Professor and author Barbara McQuade presents her study of disinformation and its implications within and outside the sphere of democracy as shared in her book, Attack From Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging America.
  • Charting a Course for Change – March 4
    Dr. Rajiv Shah shares his philosophy on creating large-scale change and the secrets behind executing seemingly impossible endeavors, drawing inspiration from his new book and his own life experiences.
  • In Conversation with Tomorrow’s Women – March 8
    Meet two remarkable young women from Israel and Palestine as they travel together to share stories of war, collaboration, bravery and transformation.
  • Rebel Health – March 13
    Anyone who has fallen off the conveyor belt of mainstream health care and into the shadowy corners of illness knows what a dark place it is to land. Where is the infrastructure, the information, the guidance? What should you do next?
  • Let It Not Happen Again: Lessons from the Japanese American Exclusion – March 18
    Drawing on his experiences as a Japanese-American and past president of the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community, Clarence Moriwaki brings a timeless narrative about the loss of liberty during periods of fear.
  • Caring for the Caregiver – March 19
    Caring for a family member or close friend is one of the most important roles we can play, but the emotional and physical tolls can be profound. Dr. Kate Zhong is joined by author, filmmaker and journalist Richard Lui to discuss and recognize the effects caregiving can impact mental health.
  • The Lie Detectives – March 25
    Journalist and author Sasha Issenberg discusses how political campaigns can fight back against political misinformation as we head into another presidential election year.
  • The Politics of Loss – March 25
    Join professor and author Juliet Hooker and professor Megan Ming Francis for a discussion on the complex tapestry of American politics and how white supremacy impacts the political landscape.
  • How Longevity is Changing the Criminal Justice System – April 2
    A panel of experts will discuss the work of pioneers who address the challenges posed to older adults, caregivers and communities in the United States.